Author Topic: Alpha-Nav AN5650NV is iPhone 5 Audio Compatible  (Read 2448 times)


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Alpha-Nav AN5650NV is iPhone 5 Audio Compatible
« on: December 10, 2012, 04:40:47 PM »
In September, 2012, Alpha-Nav issued a press release that follow here, edited slightly by

Alpha-Nav is pleased to announce that its AN5650NV 2DIN Navigation/Entertainment unit is compatible with the new iPhone 5 and the new Apple ios6 operating system.

Initial testing has been carried out on the AN5650NV/iPhone 5 USB interface and iOS 6 operating system, along with A2DP Bluetooth Streaming Audio functions.

Using the Lightning cable supplied with the iPhone 5 connected to the USB input on the AN5650NV, the following functions and features are available through the touchscreen:

    Track Up
    Track Back
    Repeat one/repeat all playback
    Select music by Playlist, Artist, Album, Genre, Songs and Podcasts
    Show Album Art
    Display Song Title, Artist, Album and Genre information on screen
    Display Current Song Playback Time, Total Song Time and Song Number/Total Songs on screen
    iPhone 5 charging through the Lightning cable‚Äôs USB

Using A2DP Bluetooth Streaming Audio, the following functions are available through the touchscreen:

    Play, Pause, Track/Song up and Stop to control Pandora and I Heart Radio
    Play, Pause, Track Up/Back and Stop to control audio playback from iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 Lightning connector does not include an analog video output; therefore video is not currently available.