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Versatile Vanity: Rydeen Adds Removable Mounts to Its Mirror Line
Premier safety products supplier helps dealers reduce SKUs while increasing
application flexibility

Torrance, Calif., August 9, 2013 â€" Rydeen Mobile Electronics is best known for its MN312S replacement mirror, which adds touch-screen navigation, hands-free Bluetooth connectivity and rear-camera view, all without having to replace the head unit. Feedback from retailers indicates that, in addition to the features, they like the mirror because of its installation versatility: The mounts are interchangeable, allowing the mirror to be installed in multiple vehicles.

Today, Rydeen announced it has expanded its number of available mounts, producing six new versions to fit more applications. In addition to more options for the MN312S navigation mirror, the newly designed mounts also fit the just-released MV431S and MV431T mirrors, which feature a 4.3-inch color monitor for a rear-view camera.

The six new all-metal models â€" three for the MN series mirror and three for the MV431 series â€" feature a rounded design with an OEM-look, black textured finish. Each fits a specific vehicle model:

• VSM-F (MN series) and VSM-I (MV431 series) fit 2012 and newer Volkswagen and Audi vehicles
• VSM-G (MN series) and VSM-J (MV431 series) fit 2013 and newer Chrysler Corporation vehicles
• VSM-H (MN series) and VSM-K (MV431 series) fit Sprinter vans and Smart vehicles

On the other end of each mount is a standardized ball joint that connects to individually fitted sockets that match each mirror design, enabling mirror movement by the end user while retaining the strength to hold the mirror in place despite vehicle vibration or shock. This single design will allow for future applications with interchangeable sockets.

"As the MN series evolved, first with the MN305 and MN302, and now with the MN312s, we've always tried to make them versatile with detachable mounts so retailers don't have to buy a mirror for every model vehicle, they can just purchase different mounts,” said Jim Newell, national sales manager. “Now we've taken the same approach and expanded it to our new MV431 series as well, with a forward-looking build that will allow us to quickly bring more applications to market.”

All of the new mounts carry an MSRP of $30.00.

Rydeen is also offering a standalone socket (MV-Adapter or MN-Adapter; MSRP $15.00) to match either the MN or MV431 series and connect to factory-installed ball joints found on select new vehicles.

For more information, contact a local Rydeen sales representative or distributor, or get in touch with Rydeen at (877) 777-8811 or sales@rydeenmobile.com.

About Rydeen:
Rydeen North America, Inc., melds the best of today’s technology into smart, practical devices that are easy to use, and makes them available to consumers at an affordable price. Headquartered in Torrance, Calif., with a local staff that lives and breathes consumer electronics, we create unique products focused on driver safety, convenience and lifestyle enhancement. For more information, visit our Website at www.rydeenmobile.com.